René Bernaert

Technical Manager, Project Management

René has a Master of Science in Industrial engineering and management from the University of Twente, The Netherlands. With 15 years of international experience in prefab construction, as well as 7 years as a production engineer in Italy and Canada for Permasteelisa (the world’s biggest prefab facade builder), René is one of the leading innovators in container based modular construction.

Ben Lipowitz

Business development

Ben’s extensive experience in strategic development of major real estate projects and talent as a natural leader are crucial components to the Corner Cast team. As Field Manager with El Ad Group, Ben oversaw the renovation of over 3000 units in New York and New Jersey, then became the Vice President of El Ad Group for Eastern Canada, where he managed over 23,000 apartments, 7 million square feet of commercial space, 3 million square feet of industrial and 1400 employees, over 8 years. He has also offered extensive real estate consulting to several investment banks.

Magnus Consiglio

Marketing & Sales

Magnus has extensive experience in modular construction holding senior management positions for over 8 years in container modification with two companies. With a strong background in corporate finance, marketing and sales Magnus also has a strong understanding of the marketplace and opportunities that lie ahead for Corner Cast.