Corner Cast designed, engineered, fabricated & installed an emergency vehicle garage & water treatment plant for Stornoway Diamonds.


  • Water treatment facility
  • Garage
  • Electrical rooms
  • Sprinklers
  • Medical facility

60 feet wide by 80 feet long emergency vehicle garage.
Location: 250 km north of the Cree community of Mistissini and 350 km north of Chibougamau in the James Bay region of north-central Québec.

On the left side of the structure, the shipping containers were modified into mechanical and electrical rooms, sprinkler rooms, office units, and emergency medical facilities.
On the right wall of the structure, the shipping container base was modified to house a potable water treatment unit with storage for water treatment chemicals.

Main advantages of the structure:
1) Combination of two critical functions for the operations of the site emergency vehicle garage and water treatment facility, under one roof.
2) Full sprinkler system in the structure to meet the harshest insurance codes
3) Water treatment unit within the structure was assembled and tested off site, saving time and resources.
Delivery and in-site installation time 3 weeks under winter conditions.

Container Upgrades