Corner Cast was the exclusive manufacturer for Tangerine Bank for their pop-up banking promotion starting in 2014


  • Award winning custom design
  • Autonomous plumbing system
  • Architectural exterior facade
  • High quality interior finish
  • Full internet connectivity / IT system / Banking security
  • Modular decking
  • Quick installation / re-location
  • Handicap accessible / barrier free design

Corner Cast designed, engineered, and fabricated the nation wide Tangerine Pop Up Program.
In major cities across Canada, you can find one of these units which promote of the Tangerine brand in an easy to move / fully functional mobile bank.

This project was an interesting challenge for Corner Cast as it required balancing the clients need for a portable & easy to relocate product which could be transported all over Canada, with the clients request for a highly attractive architectural look, autonomous plumbing system, and fully functional security & IT.

Corner Casts architects & engineers worked together to balance the needs of the client and successfully completed this project over a 3 year period across Canada.

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