Corner Cast provided a 40' custom container for a leading general contractor in Canada, including a workshop and a storage for an industrial drill


  • Easily Transportable 40' High-Cube Unit
  • Well Arranged Insulated Workshop
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Furniture
  • Ceiling I-Beam with 1T Chain Hoist
  • Storage Room for Industrial Drill & Equipment
  • 19' Platform Drawer that goes up to 8' out of the unit
  • Electrical Package with Easy Connect

This 40' unit was designed by our Design & Engineering team and produced from a High-Cube container. With an insulated and heated workshop part, and a Warehouse part, this container perfectly meets the needs of our customer for the storage, maintenance and transport of its drill.
In addition, a custom drawer platform and a 1T manual hoist were added to the structure of the container for the handling of the drill.
Finally, all the heavy-duty furniture in the container has been specifically designed so that all equipment remains in place during transport.